Our new experiential programme working with primary schools to better understand and promote Healthy Relationships using an arts-based approach.

Shifting Point

Run in collaboration with Tender, Shifting Point is delivered as weekly sessions across 6-weeks or as a week’s intensive for Year 5 students. Closely linked to the PSHE curriculum it is designed to help children:

  • communicate and collaborate with their peers
  • better able to express positive and negative emotions that affect their collaborative work
  • listen and respond with empathy to different perspectives
  • learn new skills that stretch the boundaries of what they believe they can achieve
  • understand the components of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and where to access support.

Teachers and school staff:

  • Become more skilled and resourced for Healthy Relationship education
  • Feel more confident using arts-based approaches to teach Healthy Relationships.

Made possible with funding through the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Hands are pressed, palm to palm, with a perspex screen between them. There are reflections, lights spots and scratches covering the surface.
Four performers are embracing arms in pairs. They cross each other so their arms form a X, lights shine above them as they smile.