Two performers suspended above city road

About Us

Who would have thought in 1988, when Italian and Danish performers Daniela Essart and Søren Nielsen met in France, that they would go on to create a company called Scarabeus in London, perform together all over the world, and have a child together…

We chose our name because the scarab is a symbol of regeneration for the ancient Egyptians, 33 years later we can see it was an inspired choice and has served us well.

We act with integrity and perform with passion. We work collaboratively and reach broadly. 

We are inspired by collaborators who have integrity, who work with clarity and intuition and are not scared to create work that is intellectually rich, thought provoking and edgy. 

We like quirky, off the wall ideas, artists and technicians who are committed, break the mould, push boundaries and create new forms of expression. 

More than anything we enjoy creating work that keeps the movement of the heart alive.  

We believe that art and culture can transform lives and should be accessible to all.

Image by Mark Morreau.