A collaborative performance project between Scarabeus Aerial Theatre, Writer Nicky Singer and Grafton Primary School, performed in Queens Wood. 

Who’s Afraid of the Dark

Magnes and Mabel are twins. Their Mother is dangerously ill. Only one thing can save her – five flowers from the Golden Glade. But the Golden Glade is on the far side of the forest. Past a giant spider, past hungry wolves, past the screaming BabaYaga. Will the twins have the courage for the task? 

62 pupils participated in aerial dance, drama, creative writing and physical explorations of the woods to unlock a world of magic and mystery.

Video by Chloë Plumb.

A dynamic project exploring the history of the women’s suffrage movement, working with 40 Year 9 students from Parliament Hill School Camden.

The Fight for Women’s Equality; then and now

Pupils explored the Women’s Library Archive; visited the Museum of London Suffragette Collection and took part in a suffrage tour and live debate at the Houses of Parliament. In addition, they attended masterclasses led by specialist historians including Dr Mari Takayangai, Dr Diane Atkinson, Dr Kate Connelly and Sarah Jacksons.

The pupils participated in hands-on theatrical design, exhibition curation workshops, visual arts and physical theatre workshops. The project culminated in a visual exhibition and two free site-specific performances celebrating the history of the Women’s Movement and present-day women’s activism.

See images from the project on our Flickr page.

Project consultants:
Sarah Jackson (East End Women’s Museum)
Dr Katherine Connelly
Dr Diane Atkinson
Dr Mari Takayanagi
Diane Hedditch

Creative Collaborators:
Exhibition curator: Sharna Jackson
Designer: Belinda Ackermann
Filmmaker: Chloë Plumb

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. With thanks to the Women’s Library LSE, the Houses of Parliament outreach team and the Museum of London.

Images and video by Chloë Plumb.

Summerversity, an Islington Council initiative, offering outdoor and indoor activities for young people aged 13+ during the Summer Holidays.

Summerversity 2015-18

Our free Summerversity courses, 2015 to 2018, introduced young people to aerial skills, physical theatre and choreography; these sessions helped them conquer fears and learn exciting aerial skills on elastic cocoons, aerial platforms, and climbing harnesses.


View Summerversity of Flickr and Vimeo:

Summerversity 2015 on Flickr

Summerversity 2016 on Flickr

Summerversity 2017 on Flickr

Summerversity 2017 on Vimeo

Summerversity 2018 on Vimeo


Supported by Islington Council and Caxton House Community Centre, Part of Summerversity.

Images by Alice Delva, video by Chloë Plumb.

Dark side of the Moon, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, examined the history of female astronauts with students at Parliament Hill School. 

Dark side of the Moon

The project included investigations into historical materials and present-day accounts from living female astronauts, master classes on aspects of space travel, engineering and materials, and aerial workshops leading to a performance inspired by the history of women in space. 

 This was a collaborative project between Scarabeus  working with The Science Museum, Kingston University, Women’s Library lSE and staff at Parliament Hill School. 

“I learnt many things that were really interesting. I really enjoyed the interactive work and finding the facts for ourselves from the research documents. It was overall a really brilliant project.”

Zeehvar, aged 12, Parliament Hill School Pupil

Images and video by Chloë Plumb.

A collaboration between Archway Children’s Centre and Hargrave Park Primary School, exploring flying with a group of mothers, looking at journeys and motherhood.

Flying Mothers of Archway

The project culminated in a public performance and installation, exploring the stories, journeys and internal landscapes of motherhood; landing and being able to fly in Archway.

Flying Mothers of Archway was part of A Million Minutes, an Islington Council project supported by Arts Council England.

Produced by AIR at Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design.

Images by Roberto Battista and Belinda Ackermann, video by Roberto Battista.

Inflight was a professional development opportunity for 20 emerging artists already involved in physical sports or arts forms, who wanted to expand their skill base and employability by training in aerial work.


The programme was created and delivered in partnership with WAC Arts in Camden and Upswing Aerial. 

The aims were to remove barriers to access aerial training, increase the diversity of performers in the industry and offer free-high quality training to emerging artists. Emerging artists participated in intensive training in trapeze, cocoon, silks, rope and harness techniques – abseiling and bungee. 

The programme culminated in a site-specific promenade performance co-created with theatre maker Leo Kay, In Flight from Home. 

Supported by public funds Arts Council England.

Image by Daniela Essart, video by WAC Arts.

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A project with Samuel Rhodes Primary SEN pupils and their parents, bringing the school community together to celebrate how different cultures contribute to everyday life in school.

To the love of food

 As part of the project pupils & parents participated in yoga, dance, storytelling, physical theatre and cooking workshops. The project culminated in a multi-cultural banquet and celebration of arts activities connected with food. 

‘To the love of food’ was supported by an Award for ALL through the Big Lottery Fund. 

Flying Wild! was an aerial and outdoors project created in collaboration with Samuel Rhodes Primary School (SEN).

Flying Wild!

Throughout the project pupils participated in aerial routines and skills sessions, as well as climbing giant spider webs. The workshop sessions enabled young people to build trust and openness in their ability, forming a solid base for their capacity and joy of continued learning.

Supported by Awards For All through the Big Lottery Fund.

Image by E de Bonneval.

A collaborative heritage performance project between Scarabeus, Islington Education Library Service, Samuel Rhodes School & designer Belinda Ackermann. 

Twist, Rock, ‘N’ Jive

Exploring the swinging 60’s through physical theatre and dancing twists to our hearts content, the project saw Samuel Rhodes SEN Secondary school pupils immerse themselves into the colourful world of the 60’s.

Pupils created artwork inspired by artists such as Andy Warhol and design inspired by Biba and the space age. The project culminated in a promenade performance around the school building and a permanent exhibition created at Islington Education Library Service.

Project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund.

Images by Belinda Ackermann.

Working together with Archway Children’s Centre & Hargrave Park School, Healthy Mothers, was a project targeted at mothers who needed support to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Healthy Mothers

The project aimed to address issues around physical fitness and diet, through a series of healthy eating and cooking workshops, alongside physical routines such as yoga skills, outdoor exercise and aerial techniques. In turn improving physical and emotional wellbeing and increasing self-esteem for the participants involved.
The project managed to break through the isolation that most single mothers experience by creating a supportive inter-cultural community.

Overtime the project has evolved and been replicated;

  • HEALTHY MOTHERS – Yes we can! (2012)
  • FLYING MOTHERS (Spring 2013)
  • FLYING MUMS ( Autumn 2013) at Seddon Centre (Waltham Forest)

Images by Gabriella Piccaluga and Belina Ackermann, video by Steve Jackman.