group of young people watching young aerialist demonstrate on chinese pole

We had a great start in the Autumn with a new group of Take Flight participants, added to our committed young flyers, who are proving to be fantastic role models.

Søren caught up with one of our ‘old hands’ to ask them about their journey with Scarabeus:

I’m here talking to Kaiaa, one of our Take Flight participants and Young Advisors to the Board. So Kaiaa, how did you first hear about Take Flight?

“Scarabeus came to my school to run a Suffragette performance 100 years since women got the vote, once we’d finished Daniela convinced my mum to invite me to join Take Flight, I’ve been coming for about 4 years and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.”

Why did you keep coming to Take Flight and how do you think it’s changed you?

“I noticed when I started coming to Take Flight I was in a safe environment, where I had my own creative freedom to express myself. And it was also a break, whenever I came home from school and I was tired and weary Take Flight encouraged me to go further and push beyond my boundaries. I can’t lie, in the beginning I was a bit lazy, I’m not going to deny that. But as time has gone on I’ve really seen my commitment, my devotion, change to each apparatus, to each skill that I want to acquire, and learn new things about myself, new developments. I think it’s the excitement I get learning new things every time I come here.. and it’s only two hours a week! It’s exciting!”

What would you say to someone thinking about joining a Scarabeus programme?

“DO IT! If you don’t want to commit, at least try. See how your body flows, see how it feels, try new things. You’re not always stuck to one apparatus, it’s a constant every changing process, it’s a whole cycle that you get to experience with the skill that you choose and yourself. So my advice is just go for it! If it’s not for you, then it isn’t, at least you tried.”

How do you see your journey with Scarabeus in the future?

“Well.. I’m on the board (as a Young Advisor) so I think I’ve made a start there! But in the future I think mainly spreading the word, awareness, bringing people in. Spreading the love and sharing with everyone I know this amazing place. I’ve spoken to my teacher at school and even she’s interested!”

Can you see yourself as a volunteer helping on the programmes?

“100% Oh my god! That would be so cool. I enjoy meeting new people, and I enjoy seeing people have that *gasp* moment whenever they’re doing something new. So definitely I’d be glad to help anytime.”

Well we’ll definitely make a note of that! Thank you very much Kaiaa and have a great Take Flight session.

Young girl in black clothes sitting in blue silk aerial cocoon, with aerialist upside down behind her.