Julia Fitzelle (Co – Chair)

“I was first drawn to Scarabeus for my love of aerial (I am an amateur aerial hoop artist) and reading more about the company showed that we are not only aligned through our art form, but also through our values. I am passionate about access to the arts and using the arts to tell stories and raise awareness of current issues. I am honoured to be a part of the continued growth and development of the company.”

Committed to removing barriers to engagement, Julia’s career has been focussed on engaging people with the Arts. She is experienced in managing complex projects, innovative engagement programmes and partner relationships, cultivating an atmosphere of belonging, where people can flourish. Following almost 15 years’ experience teaching in inner London secondary schools, Julia moved to the Arts sector to connect people with arts experiences and opportunities from alternate angle. Julia spent time as a key member of the senior team at Rambert,  Rambert Grades and as Cultural Education Partnership Manager for Ealing.  She is also a freelance producer working in the dance sector.