Emerging. A child stands with their bare back to the camera, looking out at a blue sky. They have short blond hair and are holding their hands behind them. Their lower half is obscured by long grass which is in shadow

Gender identity explored in world premiere of Emerging from Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

Exploring gender identity, representation and familial love, Emerging is the brand-new production from pioneering company Scarabeus Aerial Theatre. This captivating performance begins its UK tour at the Lowry in October 2022 before travelling the country and ends as part of the London International Mime Festival in 2023. Co-commissioned by The Lowry and the London International Mime Festival, this unique performance centres on the relationship between transgender son Naissa and his mother Daniela, as they journey together through a complex life-changing process.

Artistic Director and performer Daniela Essart comments, “With Emerging we want to not only tell our story, but use our art form to give voice to others who are navigating similar journeys and to let them know they are not alone. We want to highlight the nuances, the fragility and ferocity in this journey, bravery and fear, determination and dignity. We are making Emerging because we aspire to live in a world where gender diverse, non-binary and trans people are visible, valued and live safe and fulfilled lives”.

Using aerial skills, choreographed movement and excerpts from letters written between mother and son, the production sensitively highlights a parent’s desire to support their child through their transition, whilst balancing fear of irreversible changes; as well as being a universal story about parent-child relationships. Emerging provides audiences with an intimate and epic

experience of the power of creativity to facilitate profound change, and has been created in consultation with young gender diverse and trans people and their parents and carers.

Founded in 1988, Scarabeus Aerial Theatre has produced pioneering outdoor and indoor performances that fuse aerial skills with visual theatre and choreographed movement, delivering site-specific, immersive, touring performances. It creates spectacular thought provoking and unforgettable productions that address contemporary narratives, aiming to awaken empathy, ethical and political consciousness in its audiences.

This production is supported by Jacksons Lane and the National Centre for Circus Arts, and funded by Arts Council England & Foyle Foundation.

Performance Dates

7 – 8 October The Lowry, Salford

21 – 22 October Worthing Theatres

16 November Enable Us, Sheffield

18 – 19 November Circomedia, Bristol

Feb 2023 Dates TBC London International Mime Festival