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My Archway – a memoir.

My Archway” was an intergenerational oral history project working with children from Hargrave Park Primary and elders from the Girdlestone Estate Community Centre, exploring the heritage of Archway.

Funded through All Our Stories from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the project started in January 2013 and culminated on 1st MAY, 2013 at ARCHWAY LIBRARY as once of the opening events of Word Festival, Islington

All Our Stories is a brand new small grants programme, launched earlier this year in support of BBC 2’s The Great British Story – and has been designed as an opportunity for everyone to get involved in their heritage- to look at our history in a different way through the eyes of ordinary people.

Over the past months, the children and elders have been interviewing each other and researching into the life stories of people living in the area and explore how the area has changed physically, economically and socially since 1878 (when the school was built).  Research trips have included visits to the Islington Museum, Islington Local History Centre, London Metropolitan Archive and a Walk and Talk from a professional local historian.

On May 1st, the company staged a innovative intergenerational public performance, for the children and elders to share their knowledge of the past and feelings about the present with the wider community as part of Word Festival Islington. The performance took place at Archway Library.

Were you there when bombs where shattering windows in Junction Road,

or at the celebration party in Bredgar Rd to mark the end of World War II?

Who remembers the Electric cinema with the audience noisily enjoying fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, before the Archway tower was erected?

Many thanks to the London Metropolitan Archives, Islington Museum, IELS
and to Archway Library for hosting the performances.


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